Transitioning From Zoom To A Virtual Clinic 

Join 50,000+ providers in turning your healthcare facility into a fully-functioning, true virtual clinic with the help of Bluestream Health.


Clinics are facing unparalleled challenges, especially high volumes of mixed care requests, postponed appointments during COVID, and deploying new technology in their facilities.

Basic video conferencing solutions like Zoom lack the features necessary to provide a lean end-to-end virtual patient experience.

Bluestream is used by over 50,000 providers for pre-, during and post-visit patient care because it offers the rare combination of simple video visits and extremely robust workflows. Visits don’t require downloads, plugins or installs, and workflows require no technical experience to manage.

This 100% free guide summarizes the goals, steps, and benefits of transitioning to a virtual clinic with the help of Bluestream Health.

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