Is this You?

  • Your telehealth solution is coming up for renewal
  • You are using multiple point solutions that don’t work well together
  • Your organization is struggling with how to integrate these into your workflows and EHR
  • The virtual patient experience is disjointed
  • Costs and resources to deploy and maintain are through the roof
  • You lack the resources to replace the solutions or integrate new ones even if you want to replace them

It’s time to move up to something better – simplified, integrated virtual care from Bluestream Health

Healthcare systems like MedStar and NY Health and Hospitals, Leon Clinic are moving their telehealth consults from Amwell, Zoom and Vydyo to Bluestream Health.

Why They Are Moving to Bluestream Health

  1. Bluestream delivers a single Virtual Care Web RTC API that integrates throughout your entire health system, connecting all your apps and EMR and delivers a seamless virtual care experience throughout the patient continuum of care. Its' platform as a service powers your providers to perform at the top of their license by eliminating the complexity of use.
  2. Bluestream’s platform as a service is delivered either as a complete set of API’s configurable to whatever workflows are necessary or a hosted solution which offers the same scalability and flexibility. This eliminates the need for various point solutions none of which alone do all that you need. It is time to get strategic about telehealth by tossing the spaghetti of solutions you have out today for one that replaces them all.
  3. Your Bluestream Health is exactly that - yours. It works your way not theirs! The solution is easy to integrate into your workflows. You can easily add specialty services like interpreters, specialists and family members. And did we mention that the virtual care system is custom-branded for you.
  4. Physicians love the solution. It’s easy to use for clinicians and patients. Physicians tell us that they love how the systems fits with the way they work, not the other way round.
  5. Concerned about the resources and effort that it will take to migrate? No problem we offer a low to no resource implementation. Bluestream delivers both front end resources to connect the API’s to your health system and back-end resources to do the work behind your own firewalls to complete it for you. Time to make virtual care you own, proprietary and branded solution in place of half a dozen telehealth brands competing for market share.

I know, every vendor says it’s easy but ask our customers they will tell you it’s true at Bluestream Health.


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“We needed a comprehensive approach to better healthcare for our patient population in a virtual environment. We needed a solution that was easy for a non-technical, limited technology population to quickly connect with, and Bluestream Health was the answer,”  

Marcus Gomez, Chief Information Officer, Leon Medical Centers